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Yuvalin personal care and professional use products have been created by a team of world’s leading dermatologists to meet the unique needs of individuals. Using their decades of experience, our dermatologists blended the latest scientific discoveries with advanced technologies and natural ingredients to create world class efficacious products setting a new global standard in quality skin care. "Yuvalin caring for you your looks

VedaDerm the professional and home use product range specially developed to support the medical fraternity to attend various disorders and ailments diagnosed and treated by dermatologists, cosmetologists.  The VedaDerm ranges of chemical peels are unique, distinctive, safe and effective to treat indications such as Acne, Pigmentation, Melasma, aging, Fine lines, Wrinkles and post- inflammatory hyper pigmentation etc. VedaDerm chemical peels are g

The Pharma division came in to existence in the year 1996 with the desire and intention to help the patient suffering with ever nagging problems such as Eczema, Psoriasis & allied disorders with quality products at affordable cost. The division since its inseption has being dedicated and devoted to bring the safe, effective and affordable solution (product) to help masses suffering from nagging, difficult to manage and treat ailments such as Ac